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Townsend Shot Blasting

Tel: 01308 456933
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What Is The Shot Blasting Process?

The shot blasting. process uses an abrasive media, such as a type of grit or bead, and uses compressed air to propel it against the surface to be cleaded. We use aluminium oxide, recycled crushed glass grit and glass bead, depending on the job.

The media particles strip rust and paint from the surface without damaging or distorting it. This makes it an ideal way to prepare a surface for painting.

Where Does The Shot Blasting Process Take Place?

All of our shot blasting takes place 'in house', in either our large blast room, or in a smaller hand cabinet.

The main blast room is where most of our work takes place, and is large enough to accommodate a car chassis or body shell. A large dust extraction unit continually pulls air through the room, and sucks away the airborne dust. Also the blasting operator wears full protective clothing, and a helmet with an air supply.


Where an item is too small to be cleaned in the main room, we would use a smaller hand cabinet.  

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Some Examples Of Work That We Can Do Includes:

Vehicle restoration, such as vintage cars, motorcycles and tractors. Alloy wheels, bike frames an other vehicle components.

Domestic items, such as garden gates, railings, patio furniture, cast iron fire surrounds, metal window frames, cast iron guttering, radiators, and even delicate ornamental items.

Heavy industrial items such as steel beams and fabricated parts.

Craft work, such as glass frosting and ageing wood, to give it an old driftwood appearance.

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